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View travel and safety information on the website of the German Foreign Office


The German Foreign Office offers travel and safety information for all countries on its website. There you will find information for your trip about

  • possible current developments,
  • security and, if applicable, travel warnings,
  • nature and climate,
  • travel information,
  • entry and customs and
  • Health.

You can access these advisories on the website of the Federal Foreign Office (Travel and Security), subscribe to them as a newsletter or follow them in the free app "Sicher Reisen". The information on the website of the Federal Foreign Office on the development of the situation is updated continuously and you should pay attention to it.

You can also request the travel and security information from the Citizens' Service of the Federal Foreign Office.

If there is a concrete danger to the life and limb of a traveler in a country or region, the travel and safety advice is replaced by the travel warning. The travel warnings can also be found on the website of the Federal Foreign Office.

You do not have to meet any prerequisites.

You do not need to submit any documents.

There are no costs involved.

You do not have to observe any deadlines.

There is no processing time.

No legal remedy is given.

  • Forms available: No
  • Written form required: No
  • Informal application possible: Yes
  • Personal appearance required: No
  • Online service available: Yes

Go to the website of the Federal Foreign Office and enter your travel country on the homepage there or click on "Safe travel" in the top menu.

  • Select the information you are looking for in the submenu. For example
    • "Your travel country" to find out information about your travel destination.
      • Enter the country you want to find out about in the text field.
    • "Current travel warnings" to get an overview of the current travel warnings issued by the German Foreign Office.

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