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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Enter in the crisis precaution list for Germans abroad


If you are a German citizen staying abroad, you can register on the crisis precaution list of the Federal Foreign Office (AA). This service is available to you if

  • you are staying abroad for a long time, for example because you live there, or
  • you are abroad for a shorter stay, for example for tourism or business reasons.

If you register on the list, the responsible foreign representative can contact you quickly in an emergency or exceptional case. You will then be provided with advice and recommendations for your protection and safety, for example in the event of a natural disaster, war or revolution. This includes, for example, behavioral advice or information on assembly points.

You can register on the crisis preparedness list via the ELEFAND online service. Registration is voluntary and free of charge.

You have German citizenship.

Proof of German citizenship in the form of passport, ID card or child ID card details is required.

There are no costs involved.

There is no deadline.

Entering personal master data in the online service takes an average of 10 to 15 minutes for an individual for the one-time registration required. The registration of accompanying family members takes about 5 minutes each. The entry of a specific stay abroad including the selection of accompanying family members takes about 3 to 5 minutes.

  • Action before the administrative court.
  • Forms available: No
  • Written form required : No
  • Informal application possible : No
  • Personal appearance required: No
  • Online service available: Yes

You can register online in the crisis preparedness list:

  • Access the ELEFAND online service of the German Foreign Office (AA).
  • Register on the website. Follow the instructions under the "Registration" tab and enter your personal master data.
  • After registration you will receive an activation code. You can then complete the online form with your specific travel dates, any family members traveling with you and emergency contacts.
  • Your stay abroad is then entered in the crisis prevention list.

The passport/ID card must be available at the time of registration, as data of the machine-readable lines must be entered as proof of German citizenship.

Federal Foreign Office (AA)

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