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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Applying for a passport abroad


If you have German citizenship and you live abroad, you can apply for a passport at whichever German diplomatic mission (embassy or consulate) is relevant for you. You must usually apply for a passport in person.

If you have lost your passport, or it has been stolen, the diplomatic mission can issue you with a travel document to return to Germany. Such documents are issued for the duration of the planned trip, although the maximum period is 1 month. These documents give you the right to return to Germany but not to travel on to other countries. If you have lost your passport, please report to the nearest diplomatic mission.

  • You are a German citizen
  • There must be no grounds for not issuing a passport
  • Current or previous identity document (passport, identity card, child’s identity card, child’s passport)
  • Recent biometric photograph in passport format (45 x 35 mm), portrait format, frontal image, no border, no head covering and nothing covering the eyes
  • Birth certificate or marriage certificate, if applicable
  • Further documentation may be required where appropriate, please check in advance with the diplomatic mission
  • Applications from individuals up to 24 years of age:
    • Passport – 32 pages: EUR 58.50 
    • Passport – 48 pages: EUR 80.50
    • Express passport – 32 pages: EUR 90.50
    • Express passport – 48 pages: EUR 112.50
  • Applications from individuals from 24 years of age:
    • Passport – 32 pages: EUR 81.00
    • Passport – 48 pages: EUR 103.00
    • Express passport – 32 pages: EUR 113.00
    • Express passport – 48 pages: EUR 135.00
  • Temporary passport: EUR 39.00
  • Child’s passport: EUR 26.00
  • Additional costs in certain cases: in the event of lack of competence due to places of residence being outside the administrative districts of the diplomatic mission; expenditure on telephone and postal charges; fluctuations due to changing currency conversion rates.
  • Passport: approximately 4 weeks
  • Express passport: approximately 2 to 3 weeks
  • Temporary passport: immediately

Forms: Yes 
Can I do it online? No
Do I need to do it in writing? Yes
Do I need to attend in person? Yes

You must apply for the passport in person.

  • Please contact the local diplomatic mission and, if necessary, make an appointment
  • In any case, you must appear in person, as you must be personally identified and your fingerprints taken
  • Passports are produced centrally and sent to the diplomatic mission after completion
  • You will be informed once the passport is ready

If the passport is issued abroad, there is an extra charge of between EUR 13.00 and EUR 21.00 on top of the fees payable in Germany.

Federal Foreign Office (Auswärtiges Amt)

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