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Applying for compensation under the Infection Protection Act for childcare


If your child's school or daycare center has been closed for infection reasons and you are therefore unable to go to work, you can apply for compensation. This also applies if your child has to quarantine.

Compensation depends on your earnings. The compensation amounts to 67% of your net earnings and 80% of the social security contributions.

Compensation is granted for a maximum closing period of 10 weeks. If you supervise, care for or care for your child alone, you will receive compensation for 20 weeks. This applies annually.

If the facility would close anyway due to holidays, this regulation does not apply in principle.   

Before you receive this compensation, you must exhaust all other reasonable care options. These are, for example,

  • childcare by family members or friends,
  • Home office
  • Reduction of time credits or
  • Holiday.

Care by so-called "risk groups" should be avoided. These include, above all, the elderly or people with pre-existing conditions.

If you work on short-time work, you are not entitled to compensation.

The following applies to employees:

Your employer will pay you the compensation. The employer will be reimbursed for the amounts paid out by the competent authority. Therefore, inform your employer immediately about your childcare situation so that he or she can apply for compensation. If your employer (especially smaller companies) cannot make advance payments, advances in the estimated amount of the reimbursement amount can be requested.

The following applies to employers:

You must pay the compensation to your employees for the duration of the closure period. They may have the amounts paid reimbursed by the competent authority.

Contributions to pension, long-term care and health insurance can also be reimbursed to you.

You can also apply for an advance.

The following applies to the self-employed:

You will receive the refund directly from the competent authority.

For the calculation of the loss of earnings, your last annual profit is taken into account. This is divided by 12.

Contributions to pension, long-term care and health insurance can also be reimbursed.

You can also apply for an advance.

The following applies to homeworkers:

Unlike the self-employed, your average monthly income is taken into account for the calculation.

Parents are entitled to compensation for their loss of earnings due to childcare if:

  • You take care of your child(ren) yourself due to the closure of a care facility or school by authorities
  • And your child is younger than 12 years old or has a disability and needs help
  • And you have a loss of earnings
  • And you have custody of that child
  • And you have no other reasonable care option.

For employees:

  • Application (online)
  • Wage certificates of the 2 months before the loss of earnings as well as the months of the loss of earnings
  • further evidence is optional but can support the processing of your application, e.B. the official order to close the facility

For the self-employed:

  • Application (online)
  • Proof of income of the previous year (e.B. tax assessment)
  • further evidence is optional, but can assist in the processing of your application, e.B. the government order to close the facility

Applications must be submitted within 2 years of the end of the necessary childcare.

Contact the State Administration Office.

You can submit the application online.

The compensation procedure shall be carried out by the competent authority. Employers and the self-employed submit applications, employees can only submit applications in exceptional cases.

The payment is instructed by the competent authority and is made directly to the account details provided by the applicant. Applicants will receive a notification of this.

Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Integration of the State of Saxony-Anhalt

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Remark: Use this hotline for questions about compensation under the Infection Protection Act.
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