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Notify the Federal Employment Agency of the posting of foreign workers to Germany within the framework of contracts for work and materials


You have developed or manufactured machines, systems or IT programs abroad and sold them to Germany and would like to have them installed or maintained by your employees in Germany - or have your employees instruct the buyers in their use.

Or you would like to have used equipment that you have purchased in Germany dismantled by employees abroad and reassembled abroad.

In both cases, your employees will generally need a residence permit for the Federal Republic of Germany.

As a foreign company, you need to notify the Federal Employment Agency of the posting of the workers before employment begins and apply for a residence permit for your employees at the German diplomatic mission abroad.

You must notify the Federal Employment Agency in advance of the posting of foreign employees under a contract for work and materials if your employees are coming to Germany to

  • set up, install, set up, maintain or repair machines, systems and IT programs ordered from the employer, or
  • instruct employees in the operation of these machines, systems and programs, or
  • to dismantle used equipment and reassemble it abroad.

You do not have to register the posting of your employees to

  • take delivery of purchased machinery, equipment and other items or to be instructed in their operation,
  • to set up, dismantle and supervise your company's trade fair stands or
  • to set up, dismantle and supervise trade fair stands for a foreign company from your company's country of domicile or
  • to complete a company training course as part of export supply and license agreements.
  • Notification of the assembly/disassembly of mechanical systems/EDP programs
  • Assembly, disassembly, delivery or purchase contract for the system, machine or software
  • Description of services/activities with precise details of the type and design of the machine, system or IT program
  • In the case of dismantling: confirmation and details of the place of reassembly
  • List with the names of all employees deployed
  • Power of attorney, if applicable

You must register the posting at least 10 days before the foreign workers are due to start work.

Please also note that a visa is required for countries whose citizens are not allowed to enter Germany without a visa. To do this, you must submit the notification confirmed by the International Placement Services to the German diplomatic mission abroad.

Forms available: Yes
Written form required: Yes
Informal application possible: Yes
Personal appearance necessary: No
Online services available: Yes

If you would like to send foreign workers to Germany for a short period of time for assembly or disassembly work, you must proceed as follows:

  • Download the form "Anzeige über die Montage/Demontage maschineller Anlagen" from the website of the Federal Employment Agency and fill it out.
  • Send the notification together with all the necessary documents by e-mail to the International Placement Services (Team 242). Make sure that the documents are complete so that your application can be processed quickly.
  • The International Placement Services will check your application and send you a written confirmation of receipt.

Note: The approval of the Federal Employment Agency is required for postings of more than 90 days and up to 3 years.

Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (BMAS)

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Bundesagentur für Arbeit, Zentrale Auslands- und Fachvermittlung (ZAV), Team 241/242
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