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Set up construction site


Construction measures that affect the road must be secured by traffic signs.

If construction work or other uses require the use of roads and ancillary facilities, such as footpaths and parking spaces, these areas must be secured with traffic signs and traffic facilities. In the case of larger measures, the traffic routing may also have to be adapted. It does not matter whether the construction work is in, on or next to the road.

  • Type of project
  • Description of the location (sketch if necessary)
  • Period of the measure (with time if applicable)
  • Applicant with name and address
  • Person responsible for traffic safety with full name and telephone number
  • Telephone number or e-mail address for queries

Dependent on the processing traffic authority.

Fee for traffic law approval: from € 20 to € 300 (depending on scope, on-site visit).

The applicant must implement the ordered traffic safety measures on their own responsibility. Private individuals can borrow barrier material from the local authorities (for a fee). The road traffic authorities can provide information on this.

The applicant (construction company, private individual) must submit an informal application for the traffic order approximately two weeks before the start of work.

Please contact

  • the lower road traffic authorities of the districts and independent cities
  • for highways: to Autobahn GmbH des Bundes, Niederlassung Ost

§ Section 45 (1) and (2) of the Road Traffic Regulations (StVO)
General Administrative Regulation on the Road Traffic Regulations (VwV-StVO)
Guidelines for securing work sites on roads (RSA)

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