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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Report the dismissal of the management to the Chamber of Crafts


If the current management stops or a change takes place, you must report this to the Chamber of Crafts. Subsequently, a new management must be appointed immediately. The management can be carried out by the owner of the business or an employed person who has the professional prerequisites for this. The required certificate of competence for the technical management of the business can be provided both by a master craftsman's certificate for the craft to be practised or a craft related to it as well as by an equivalent domestic or foreign professional qualification or an exemption permit or authorisation to practise.
The tasks of the management include:

  • to control, supervise and monitor the technical workflow and not to limit themselves to the mere control of the work result,
  • to guide workers and to issue the necessary orders,
  • to prevent and, if necessary, correct defects in the execution of the work,
  • to ensure that there are no infringements of legal provisions or operating instructions,
  • to go to the individual workplaces regularly to supervise the execution of the work,
  • be permanently available during working hours and be available and ready for action at short notice in urgent and emergency situations

The management leaves the company, changes the permanent establishment or resigns in its function.

The specific fee can be found in the list of fees of the Chamber of Crafts, which is available on the Chamber's website.

The deregistration of the management must be reported before the change or departure.

The competent chamber of crafts is the chamber of crafts in whose district the main commercial establishment is located.

  • Inform the Chamber of Crafts responsible for the company about the departure or change of management.
  • You can make the registration as the owner of the company subject to approval as well as an employed company management.
  • In order to maintain the business, you must apply for entry in the register of craftsmen of the new management at the responsible Chamber of Crafts.

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The Senator for Economics, Labour and Europe of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen

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