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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Apply for deletion from the register of craftsmen/trade register (HWK)


Businesses in trades requiring a license, trades not requiring a license and trades similar to trades are compulsory members of their respective Chamber of Skilled Crafts, where they are entered either in the Register of Skilled Crafts or in the register of owners of a business in a trade not requiring a license or a trade similar to a trade.

If the registration requirements were not met or subsequently cease to apply and the Chamber of Skilled Crafts becomes aware of these circumstances, the business will be deleted ex officio. Prior to this, the business is regularly given the opportunity to comment on the intended deletion.

Membership of the Chamber of Skilled Crafts also expires upon deletion. If a skilled crafts business subject to licensing is deleted from the register of skilled crafts businesses, the skilled crafts card must be returned to the Chamber of Skilled Crafts.

The requirements for registration were not met or ceased to apply at a later date.

The specific fee can be found in the Chamber of Crafts' schedule of fees, which is available on the Chamber's website.

If the requirements for deletion are met and the hearing of the company has been completed, the deletion will take place immediately and a deletion notification will be issued.

Chamber of Crafts (HWK)

  • The procedure begins when the Chamber of Skilled Crafts becomes aware that the conditions for registration were not met or have subsequently ceased to apply.
  • The business will be informed of the intended deletion prior to ex officio deletion.

There are no indications or special features.

The Senator for Economics, Labor and Europe of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen

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  • Application for deletion of entry in the register of skilled trades/register of skilled trades subject to licensing/register of trades similar to skilled trades

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