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Broadcasting fee - apply for exemption


If you receive state social benefits, you can be exempted from the broadcasting fee. The same applies to deaf-blind people and recipients of assistance for the blind.

  • You receive state social benefits, such as:
    • Unemployment benefit II
    • social welfare
    • BAföG
    • basic income support
  • or you are deaf-blind
  • or receive assistance for the blind.

Please note:

You can apply for an exemption from the broadcasting fee as a special case of hardship if you do not receive any social benefits because your income exceeds the respective income threshold by less than EUR 17.50.
If you are exempt from the obligation to pay the contribution, the exemption also extends to your wife or husband within the home. The same applies to your registered partner.

  • on receipt of social benefits
    • Proof of receipt of one of the social benefits mentioned in the original (notice of approval or certificate from the social benefit provider)
  • in the case of deaf-blindness:
    • Current original medical certificate of deaf-blindness or
    • Severely disabled person's pass with the mark "Bl" and "Gl" or
    • Certificate from the pension office on the degree of hearing and visual impairment
  • if you receive assistance for the blind
    • Current notice of approval or certificate from the authority regarding receipt of benefits in accordance with § 72 of the Twelfth Book of the Social Code (SGB XII) or §27d of the Federal Pension Act (BVG)
  • in cases of hardship
    • the notice of rejection from the social benefits provider if the income limit is slightly exceeded as a case of particular hardship
  • Further evidence if required

If you send in the original approval notice, please mark it with the word "Original". Otherwise, you may not receive it back, as all incoming mail is destroyed after digital archiving.
You will not receive the certificate from the authority or the benefit provider back. You do not have to mark the original severely disabled person's pass. You will receive it back without being asked.

Application procedure and examination: none

You must submit the application for exemption within two months after the approval notice has been issued.

You will receive the exemption from the first of the month stated in the notification of approval as the start of benefits.

Exemption is granted at the earliest at the beginning of the month following the application.

ARD ZDF Deutschlandradio Contribution Service

50656 Cologne

Service telephone for the contribution account:
018 59995 0100*

Service telephone for the broadcasting fee:
018 59995 0888*

Service fax: 018 59995 0105*

Service telephone hours:
Mon-Fri 7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.

* 6.5 cents/min. from German landlines, different prices for mobile phones.

You must apply in writing to the competent authority for exemption from the broadcasting fee. Use the prescribed form for this.
You can obtain it

  • from cities,
  • municipalities,
  • from the responsible authorities and
  • on the Internet.

You can fill out the Internet form online. Print it out at the end of the submission process and sign it. Enclose the required evidence and send your documents by post to the relevant authority.

The broadcasting fee replaced the license fee on January 1, 2013.

editorial revision by BW/GK LeiKa on 17.02.2014

The text was automatically translated based on the German content.

Start your request directly online:

ARD ZDF Deutschlandradio Beitragsservice
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50829 Köln, Stadt
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