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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Apply for recognition of a course for the acquisition or updating of the required expertise in radiation protection


If you wish to have courses for the acquisition of the necessary specialist knowledge in radiation protection in the fields of human medicine, veterinary medicine, dentistry or for non-medical fields of application as well as courses for updatingthe body responsible for the course location will check whether

  • The course content is suitable for teaching the necessary skills and knowledge in radiation protection for the respective field of application,
  • The qualifications of the teaching staff, the teaching materials used and the equipment at the course location ensure that knowledge is properly imparted and that success is monitored,

If the requirements are met, your courses will be recognized.

You must provide evidence that the radiation protection course you have planned is suitable for teaching the participants the content stipulated in the technical guideline.

Application form

  • Designation of the course by specifying the specialist knowledge group and/or modules
  • Details of the implementation (face-to-face course, distance learning course, in-house course)
  • Details of the course organizer
  • Details of the course location and venue
  • Details of the responsible course leader


  • Details of the subject areas with the respective instructor and the number of teaching units
  • Details of demonstrations and practices
  • Information on the duration of the teaching units and the number of teaching units per day

Teaching content

  • Description of the teaching content (as a bullet point or formulated script),
  • Description of the demonstration exercises or practices)


  • Proof of the qualification of the teaching staff with regard to the teaching content (e.g. possession of the required specialist knowledge in radiation protection and, if applicable, its updating or professional training, professional experience and information on previous lecturing or teaching activities or participation in specialist committees)

Teaching material

  • Overview of the materials made available to the participants
    • course materials,
    • lecture notes,
    • Compilation of legal sources of legislation, standards and guidelines,
    • Other documents containing figures, tables, diagrams and formulas required for the participants' future work

Equipment of the course venue

  • Size and technical equipment of the event rooms
  • Number of seats
  • Type and number of practice stations, measuring devices, any open or enclosed radioactive substances/radiation sources/X-ray equipment

Information on the maximum number of course participants

Concept for monitoring attendance and success

  • Information on the performance review
  • Annexes to the admission requirements
  • Information on the duration and procedure of the examination

Fee: 100,00 - 2000,00 EUR
Payment in advance: No

The application should be submitted before the radiation protection course is held.

  • You can send the documents for the course you are planning by post.
  • The competent body will check whether the course you have described covers the content stipulated for this type of course in the specialist knowledge guideline.
  • If the course meets all the requirements, the course will be recognized. This is done by written notification.

The Radiation Protection Department in the Ministry for Energy Transition, Climate Protection, Environment and Nature of the State of Schleswig-Holstein (MEKUN)


Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Health and Equalityof the State of Saxony-Anhalt


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