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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Applying for an extension of benefits under the Federal Pension Act


Injured parties whose entitlement to medical treatment under the Federal Pension Act or under a law that declares the Federal Pension Act to be applicable in whole or in part will receive health treatment benefits from January 1, 2024.

If, as an injured person, you have previously received benefits under the BVG in conjunction with the Victims Compensation Act (OEG)/ Vaccination Protection Act (IfSG)/ Civilian Service Act (ZDG)/ Soldiers' Compensation Act (SVG), you can apply for the continued granting of temporary benefits under the Federal Pension Act. These benefits include financial, medical and social support to ensure that your livelihood and necessary medical care are secured.

Please note that your social compensation provider will decide whether and to what extent you receive support.

  • Receipt of benefits under the BVG in conjunction with the OEG/IfSG/ZDG/SVG
  • The living situation requires continued approval of the benefits

If necessary, you must provide evidence.

Initial application:

  • Regular review of medical care
  • Proof of financial needs

There is no deadline.

The prerequisite for processing is that all mandatory information has been provided. The processing time varies depending on the competent authority and the individual case. It is not possible to give an exact time and it depends on the complexity of the individual case.

Appeal: An appeal can be lodged against a decision within one month of its notification. Further information regarding the procedure and the competent authority to which you can lodge an appeal can be found in the notification of your application. The appeal can be submitted in writing and electronically.

The application for continued authorization is made in writing. The necessary documents will be requested by the authorities. If required, an interview can be held on request.

  • You will receive the relevant documents from the contact person. If necessary, complete the documents, enclose the required evidence or supporting documents and send the documents back to your responsible office.
  • Your claims will be determined ex officio on the basis of the documents. The authority will inform you of the result in the form of a decision, which is usually sent to you by letter.
  • If entitlements to benefits have been determined, you will receive an approval notice. If no entitlements are determined, you will receive a rejection notice.
  • However, you also have the option of submitting the application online. To do this, you must complete the online application and upload the necessary supporting documents.
  • The eligible costs will be transferred to the account you have specified.

Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Affairs of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia

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