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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Apply for the transport of hazardous waste


Companies whose main purpose is to collect or transport hazardous waste, trade hazardous waste or broker the management of hazardous waste for third parties require a prior permit from the competent authority.

Companies wishing to carry out these waste management activities for their main purpose exclusively with non-hazardous waste must notify the competent authority in advance. The notification obligation also applies, inter alia, to waste disposal companies that are exempt from the permit requirement and to companies with another main purpose but which occasionally collect, transport, trade or broker the waste they generate themselves in the course of their own commercial activity (so-called economic enterprises, such as craft enterprises). Further exceptions are stipulated in the Notification and Permission Ordinance (AbfAEV).

The documents mentioned in the section "Procedure" are required.

The fees are based on the General Fee Schedule of the State of Saxony-Anhalt, Part 2 Waste Law Matters, lfd. No. 7 Notification and Permission Ordinance.
They are levied on the basis of time spent when permission is granted.

Fee: 35,00 - 150,00 EUR
Payment in advance: No

The responsibility lies with the lower waste authority of the district or independent city in which your company has its headquarters. For foreign companies, the authority in whose area the activity begins or is carried out for the first time is responsible.

The permit must be applied for using the form prescribed in Annex 3 AbfAEV. The application must be regularly accompanied by evidence of the reliability of the farmer and the persons responsible for the activities in question on the holding (Section 9 (3) AbfAEV). If the application is complete, the authority will issue an acknowledgment of receipt and permission (form according to Annex 4 AbfAEV) if the requirements (reliability, expertise and expertise) are met.

For the notification, the form according to Annex 2 AbfAEV must be used, to which waste disposal companies must attach a valid certificate. Further evidence shall be submitted only at the request of the competent authority. The authority shall acknowledge receipt of the notification in writing.

It is easier to report and apply for permission via the electronic notification and permission procedure provided by the federal states.

Vehicles used to transport waste on public roads must be marked with an A plate. Carriers within the framework of economic enterprises are exempt from this labeling requirement.

Details on the new legal requirements under the AbfAEV and the KrWG are explained in the Enforcement Notes.

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