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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Apply for admission to a comprehensive school


Pupils in years 5 to 12 or 13 are taught at the comprehensive school.

You can obtain the following school-leaving qualifications at the comprehensive school:

  • Hauptschulabschluss
  • Realschulabschluss
  • Abitur

Years 10 to 12 or 11 to 13 are run as a grammar school. The comprehensive school provides a general and vocational education and enables students to specialize according to their achievements and inclinations. This specialization enables pupils to continue their education at a university or in vocational or study-qualifying courses.

It is conducted in an integrative or cooperative form.

Cooperative form:

The comprehensive school in cooperative form combines the secondary school and the grammar school in educational and organizational terms. From Year 5 onwards, you will be taught in classes specific to the school form and in inter-form learning groups. The school form-specific lessons predominate. At the cooperative comprehensive school, you will receive the Abitur after 12 years.

Integrative form:
The integrative form of comprehensive school offers all qualifications in a differentiated teaching system. In an integrative comprehensive school, you do not have to decide on a type of school in advance. Years 7 to 10 are taught as a class. The number of subjects increases with the grades. The courses are formed according to the performance and inclination of the pupils. From year 9 onwards, you can choose a grammar school branch. At the integrative comprehensive school, you will receive the Abitur after 13 years.

  • Successful attendance at elementary school
  • If there are more applications than school places, the school authority selects the pupils (e.g. by drawing lots). This selection procedure must not discriminate.
  • Half-year report
  • School career declaration form

The school career declaration must be submitted to the elementary school currently attended by the deadline. The deadline will be announced when the half-year report card/school career declaration is issued.

approx. 2-3 months

Please contact the elementary school your child currently attends.

  • You will receive information about the options for attending the secondary school (comprehensive school) and the registration procedure (e.g. parents' evening, written information from the school)
  • You will receive individual advice on your child's future school career.
  • When the half-year reports are issued, you will receive the school career recommendation and the school career declaration form.
  • You choose the appropriate type of school (comprehensive school).
  • You will receive written notification from the receiving school as to whether your child will be admitted to the comprehensive school.

Ministry of Education Saxony-Anhalt

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Allgemeinbildende Schulen in Sachsen-Anhalt
Further Authorities
IGS.Halle Am Steintor
Adam-Kuckhoff-Straße 37
06108 Halle (Saale), Stadt
+49 345 2024392
+49 345 4704533
Integrierte Gesamtschule Am Planetarium (ehem. Dritte IGS)
Holzplatz 4
06110 Halle (Saale), Stadt
+49 345 47051592
+49 345 68548350
"Marguerite Friedlaender Gesamtschule" (ehem. Zweite IGS)
Ingolstädter Straße 33
06128 Halle (Saale), Stadt
+49 345 12269036
+49 345 12269037
Kooperative Gesamtschule "Ulrich von Hutten" - Stammgebäude
Roßbachstraße 78
06112 Halle (Saale), Stadt
+49 345 135690
+49 345 135699
Kooperative Gesamtschule "Wilhelm von Humboldt"
Lilienstraße 19
06122 Halle (Saale), Stadt
+49 345 8042118
+49 345 8056680
Saaleschule für (H)alle
Hans-Dittmar-Straße 9
06118 Halle (Saale), Stadt
+49 345 6845860
+49 345 684586101

Remark: Education Manager: Dr. Förster
+49 345 684586120

Remark: Hoard in the object
+49 345 684586103

Remark: Education Manager

Remark: Hoard in the object
Kooperative Gesamtschule "Ulrich von Hutten" - WTH-Zentrum
Thüringer Straße 30
06112 Halle (Saale), Stadt
Remark: WTH Center
+49 345 12268095

Remark: WTH Center
+49 345 135699
Ministerium für Bildung
Turmschanzenstraße 32
39114 Magdeburg, Landeshauptstadt
+49 391 567-7777