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Apply for admission to a vocational grammar school


At the vocational high school you acquire the general university entrance qualification (Abitur). The general education subjects are extended by so-called profile subjects. They differ in the respective discipline. The vocational grammar school is intended to support you in choosing a career and a course of study.

Attendance at the vocational high school lasts 3 years and is divided into

  • a one-year introductory phase (school year 11)
  • and a two-year qualification phase (grades 12 and 13).

Lessons take place in courses. The achievements of the 2nd and 3rd year at the vocational high school (qualification phase) count towards the Abitur.

The following disciplines are available:

  • Health and social affairs
  • Technology (Depending on the possibilities of the school, the field of technology can be led in the focus areas of engineering sciences and information technology.)
  • Economy

With the Abitur you can study at colleges and universities in all fields of study.

  • Realschulabschluss or equivalent admission requirement

When entering the introductory phase:

  • At the beginning of the admission year, you are not yet 18 years old
  • If you have completed vocational training, you are not yet 25 years old
  • Foreign students must also prove sufficient knowledge of the German language.

Upon entry into the qualification phase:

  • You do not need to have attended the introductory phase if you
    • have acquired the Fachhochschulreife in the same subject area (e.B. at a Fachoberschule)
    • and you have learned a second foreign language continuously from the 7th to the 10th grade
  • Completed admission form of the respective vocational school (usually available via the school's homepage)
  • Proof of the corresponding admission requirements
  • Application deadline is 15.03. of each year
  • Schools can set an earlier date for the application deadline
  • Later applications can be considered within the framework of free capacities

In the event of rejection, opposition proceedings may be initiated.

Please contact the respective vocational school to register.

The application form for admission is available at the school or can be downloaded from their respective homepage. It must be submitted in paper form.

  • Select a school location
  • Download the admission form from the school's homepage or pick it up in paper form at the school secretariat on site
  • Submit a completed admission form and necessary documents to the school in accordance with the school's specifications
  • After the selection and class formation process of the school, you will receive a message from the school

Ministry of Education of the State of Saxony-Anhalt

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