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Apply for special educational needs


Special educational needs may exist for children and young people who are so impaired in their educational, development and learning opportunities that they cannot be adequately supported in the lessons of the general school without special educational support.

If your child has such an impairment, which cannot be compensated for by pedagogical support measures alone, then you can submit an application for the determination of special educational needs.

Special education priorities are:

  1. Learn
  2. Language
  3. intellectual development
  4. emotional-social development,
  5. physical-motor development,
  6. Hear
  7. See.

A need for special educational support may also exist in students with established autism or long-term illnesses.

  • Your child is not sufficiently developed physically, mentally, mentally or in his or her social behaviour to successfully participate in classes without special educational support.
  • Statement of the parents
  • Pedagogical report of the school or day care centre
  • if available: medical or therapeutic opinions/reports

until 10 January of the year

The State Education Office makes a decision by 20 May of the year.

Please contact the Mobile Special Education Diagnostic Service of the State Education Office.

You can apply for a special educational need before your child starts school. From the 1st to the 6th school year, you and the respective school can submit an application.

  • A funding report is then drawn up.
  • You will receive advice and explanation of the funding report with corresponding recommendations.
  • Decision of the Landesschulamt

Before the school submits an application for the determination of a special educational need, the school documents all necessary support measures in support plans in order to show you the possibilities of the best possible support. The proposed funding measures are coordinated with you and the developments are documented. Only if these measures are not sufficient, an application for special educational needs is submitted.

Ministry of Education Saxony-Anhalt

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