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Apply for admission to technical college


Technical colleges are institutions for continuing vocational training. The training courses in the specialist areas follow on from your initial vocational training and professional experience. Technical colleges qualify you to take on management tasks and promote your willingness to become self-employed. In addition, you can obtain school leaving certificates and the Fachhochschulreife. Attending a technical college may also include preparation for your master craftsman's examination.

You can attend the technical school in the following departments, disciplines and specializations:

  • Agriculture: Agriculture
  • Technology
    • Civil engineering (building construction; Civil engineering)
    • Biotechnology
    • Chemical Engineering (Production Engineering)
    • Electrical engineering (energy technology and process automation)
    • Automotive Engineering
    • Mechanical engineering/mechanical engineering (production technology)
  • Economy
    • Business Administration (Finance; Human resources; Marketing; Business Informatics)
    • Logistics
  • Welfare
    • Social pedagogy
    • Curative care
    • Curative Education

You can complete the training full-time or part-time (part-time).

Your education concludes with a state examination. With the degree, you will be awarded the title Bachelor Professional (DQR level 6) and you will receive a general university entrance qualification.

  • Completed vocational training (at least 2 years)
  • You can gain practical work experience during the technical school through an internship
  • Completed admission form of the respective vocational school (usually available via the school's homepage)
  • Proof in accordance with the applicable admission requirements
  • Application deadline is 15.03. of each year
  • Schools can set an earlier deadline for applications
  • Later applications can be considered within the scope of free capacities
  • Select school location
  • Download the admission form from the school's homepage or pick it up in paper form at the school secretariat on site
  • Submit completed admission form and necessary documents to the school in accordance with school requirements
  • After successful selection and class formation process of the school, you will receive a message from the school

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