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Request a change of school year in the form of a repetition, a skip or a resignation


Whether your child will be transferred at the end of the school year depends on performance development and grades. This is decided by the Transfer Conference.

You can apply to the school for your child to repeat a class (voluntary repetition of the school year) or to be transferred to a higher class (skipping a school year).

You can apply for your child to attend the next lower grade at the school semester (voluntary resignation). This is not possible if your child attends the school entrance phase of primary school.

Your child may voluntarily resign only once while attending a general education school or may voluntarily repeat a school year only once.

  • Application of the persons entitled to custody
  • Resolution of the Class Conference
  • Performance requirements of the respective school type

Informal application of the legal guardian

For the voluntary withdrawal to the next lower school year, you must submit the application no later than one week after the handover of the half-year certificate.

An objection can be lodged with the school against the transfer decision.

Please contact the respective school.

Written form required: Yes

Informal application possible: Yes

Personal appearance necessary: No

You submit an application to the school for voluntary repetition, resignation or skipping.

The class conference decides on the application.

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