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Career entry support for pupils


With career entry support, an expert accompanies you on your way to successfully completing school and starting your training.

The expert is the career entry mentor who is employed by an educational service provider. She or he can support you with

  • your preparation for examinations:
    • set common goals
    • possibly organize extra tuition
  • career orientation and career choice:
    • Analyze strengths and weaknesses
    • Addressing and discussing interests
    • Attending career-oriented internships or events
  • the search for an apprenticeship:
    • Finding offers
    • Writing applications
    • Conducting interviews with employers
  • the start of your apprenticeship:
    • Promote development in the company
    • defuse potential crises
  • the development of your personality
  • motivation for your tasks.

Career entry support usually begins in the pre-entry class and ends no later than six months after you have started vocational training. If the vocational training does not work out immediately, your career entry support will end no later than 24 months after you have finished general schooling.

You attend a general education school that offers career entry support and meet the following requirements:

  • You need support to achieve your school-leaving certificate or
  • You need support so that you can make the transition to vocational training and
  • You are usually in the penultimate year of school and
  • You and your parents agree to participate in career entry support.

The documents required for the initial interview will be provided to you by your teacher or school social worker or by your careers advisor at the Employment Agency.

This includes, for example

  • a curriculum vitae,
  • school reports and
  • the declaration of consent signed by you and your legal guardian or legal representative for the forwarding of data for the selection process and for participation in a career entry support measure.

If you are eligible to take part in the career start support program, you must complete a registration and participant questionnaire. The questionnaire will be given to you by your career entry mentor.

Career entry support generally begins in the pre-entry class of the general school, provided that it also offers career entry support.

It is possible for you to start at a later stage in individual cases if appropriate places are available in the career entry support program and the support still appears to be promising in terms of supporting integration into vocational training.

  • Contradiction

Forms available: no
Written form required: no
Informal application possible: no
Personal appearance necessary: yes
Online services available: yes

Ask your teachers whether your school offers career entry support. Or ask your careers advisor at the employment agency in person.

You can also let them know that you would like to take part in the career start support program.

Your teachers can also make you aware of this offer.

  • You and your legal guardian or legal representative must agree that you would like to take part in the career entry support and also agree to an exchange of data between the school and the employment agency. To do this, you and your legal guardian or legal representative must sign a declaration of consent to the transfer of the necessary data. This involves an exchange of information:
    • Your school grades,
    • Your knowledge of the school subjects,
    • your learning and working behavior and, if applicable
    • your results from the potential analysis.
  • In a meeting between your teacher, the careers advisor responsible for you at the Employment Agency and, if applicable, the school social worker, it will be clarified whether you meet the requirements for participation in the career entry support program.
  • The participants in the interview will clarify whether and what specific support is to be provided by the career entry support and what exactly can be achieved (setting common goals).
  • If it is determined during the interview that you can be supported by the career entry support, you must complete a registration and participant questionnaire.
  • The further procedure will be agreed with you.

Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (BMAS)

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