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Apply for assisted dying through hospice services


Outpatient hospice services

Dying people or their loved ones who need support can contact an outpatient hospice service. ,

In outpatient hospice work, volunteers of the hospice services accompany seriously ill and dying people and their relatives. Depending on your needs, they regularly come to your house for a few hours - also as a supplement to an outpatient care service. The staff of the hospice services also accompany you in elderly and care facilities, in facilities for the disabled and in the hospital. Outpatient hospice services are financed by subsidies from health insurance companies and donations. The accompaniment of those affected and their relatives is free of charge.


Inpatient hospice services

Under certain conditions, you can take advantage of an inpatient or semi-inpatient service in hospices. This includes palliative care and nursing care. Guest rooms are usually available for your relatives.

95 percent of the costs of care in hospices are covered by the respective health and care insurance. 5 percent of the costs are provided by donations. There is no own contribution.

Outpatient hospice services

  • Dying people who are not cared for in the hospital in an inpatient or semi-inpatient care in a hospice,
  • or their relatives,

who need support, they can contact an outpatient hospice service.


Inpatient hospice services

  • people suffering from an incurable disease that will lead to death in the foreseeable future,
  • healing is excluded and palliative care is necessary or desired by the patients.
  • no hospital treatment is required and
  • outpatient care in the household or in the family is not enough.

Inpatient hospice service:

  • Doctor's prescription

There are no own contributions for the insured.

There are no deadlines to be observed.

In the event of a negative decision by your health insurance company, you can object to this.

Contact your health insurance company.

  • Insured persons are entitled to individual advice and assistance from the health insurance company on the services of hospice and palliative care.
  • Check with your health insurance company.

Lower Saxony Ministry of Social Affairs, Health and Equality

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