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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Therapeutic full-time care for foster children


For the protection of foster children, the stability of a foster relationship as well as the satisfaction of foster carers and foster families, continuous and close support is important for the development of a stable relationship of trust.

In curative full-time care, the special needs of the children and adolescents require close and intensive counseling of the foster relationships.

Youth Welfare Office

Senator for Justice and Constitution of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen

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Pflegekinderdienst / Adoptionsvermittlung
Radeweller Weg 13
06128 Halle (Saale), Stadt
+49 345 2215888
+49 345 2215963
+49 345 2215910
+49 151 54469552
Radeweller Weg 13
06110 Halle (Saale), Stadt
+49 345 2215883
Besondere Soziale Dienste

Radeweller Weg 13
06110 Halle (Saale), Stadt
+49 345 2215933
Besondere Soziale Dienste