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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Apply for a permit to modify an installation for the generation of electricity from renewable energy sources (repowering).


Do you operate a plant subject to immission control approval for which you already have immission control approval and plan to carry out repowering measures at this plant?

Repowering measures serve to modernize a plant for the purpose of generating electricity from renewable energies.

This repowering measure may cause adverse effects in relation to the current condition of the plant. Insofar as these are significant for the approval requirements of the plant requiring approval, a modification permit is required.

For this reason, corresponding modifications to plants requiring approval must be reviewed by the immission control authority. For this purpose, you must submit an application for a modification permit and provide all the documents required for the assessment. The application can be made in writing or electronically.

The modification permit is issued if:

  • it is ensured that the obligations resulting from the requirements of the Federal Immission Control Act and the Federal Immission Control Ordinance are fulfilled, and
  • other regulations under public law and occupational health and safety concerns do not conflict with the construction and operation of the plant.

A permit for wind turbines within the scope of repowering may also not be refused if, after the modernization, not all immission guide values of the technical instructions for protection against noise are complied with, but

  • the immission contribution of the wind turbine after modernization is lower than the immission contribution of the wind turbines it replaces, and
  • the wind turbine corresponds to the state of the art.
  • Required drawings, plans, expert opinions
  • explanations and
  • Other documents (if necessary, ask the competent authority).

Before making the changes

  • Objection
  • Complaint

State Administration Office

You submit an application for a modification permit for the repowering measure to the responsible authority. You can submit the application electronically or in writing.

You enclose the documents required to assess the facts with the application.

After receipt of the application and the complete documents, the competent authority will check whether the modifications meet the requirements of immission control law. After final assessment by the competent authority, you will receive the decision in the form of an official notice.

Saxon State Ministry for Energy, Climate Protection, Environment and Agriculture (SMEKUL)

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