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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Display a plant that requires approval for the first time due to a change in the law


Coal-fired power plants, industrial plants, intensive livestock farms and similar installations cause air pollution, noise, vibrations, etc. to a particularly high degree.

In order to protect people and the environment from harmful environmental effects and to prevent the occurrence of harmful environmental effects, such plants require a permit for construction and operation in accordance with the Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG). The installations that are subject to a permit requirement due to their nature and size are listed conclusively in the Ordinance on Installations Requiring a Permit (4th BIm-SchV).

A plant that does not require a permit and that has already been built or whose construction or significant modification has begun becomes subject to approval by inclusion in the catalog of plants requiring a permit of the Ordinance (4th BImSchV). In this case, the plant is subject to the immission control approval requirements and must be registered with the competent authority within a period of three months after the entry into force of the respective 4th Federal Immission Control Ordinance.

  • This is an obligation to notify. As a plant operator, you comply with this requirement if you submit the notification to the competent authority by the deadline.
  • If the required documents are not already submitted at the time of registration, you can submit them to the competent authority within a further two months.
  • Required drawings, plans, expert opinions
  • Explanations and
  • other documents (if necessary, ask the competent authority).
  • You register the installation with the competent authority within three months of the entry into force of the respective ordinance in which your installation was included in the catalogue of installations requiring a permit (4th BImSchV).
  • You must do this in writing.
  • You attach the necessary documents. Alternatively, you can submit the documents to the competent authority within a further two months of registration.
  • The competent authority shall acknowledge receipt in writing or electronically. If necessary, the authority will request further documents.
  • The competent authority may impose additional orders on you to ensure that your plant fulfils the obligations under the Federal Immission Control Act or that other public law regulations and concerns do not conflict with the construction and operation of the plant.

Saxon State Ministry of Energy, Climate Protection, Environment and Agriculture (SMEKUL)

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