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Take the trainer aptitude test


As a trainer, you must prove that you have the basic pedagogical, organisational and legal knowledge required for vocational training and that you are familiar with the important training methods.

In in-company training and further education, the aptitude of trainers is indispensable, in many areas of companies it is an important additional qualification. It is part of numerous advanced training qualifications.

You prove this suitability in an examination. The exam consists of a written and a practical part.

In the written part of the exam, you must work on case-related tasks from all fields of action. The written exam usually lasts three hours. An examination set consists of about 70 tasks. This part of the exam usually takes place as a PC exam.

In the practical part of the exam, you have to work on a typical training situation in a role play or a presentation and then explain your procedure in a technical discussion.

The exam is passed if each part of the exam has been rated at least "sufficient". Within an examination procedure, a failed examination can be repeated twice. A passed part of the examination can be credited.

You should prepare well for the exam. There are numerous private providers who offer e.B preparation courses. However, this is not a legal requirement for registration for the examination.

The examinations take place on fixed dates at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, chamber of crafts and other bodies responsible for vocational training.

- No admission requirements

Official photo ID for identification during the examination

The examinations are subject to a fee and are based on the fee rate of the respective responsible body and can be viewed on the homepage of the respective office.

The entire examination procedure takes about three months.

Are indicated on the notices in the proceedings (non-existence notice, notice of existence, fee notice)

Contact the competent chamber. This can be, for example.B:

  • the Chamber of Crafts for Vocational Training in Occupations of the Crafts Code,
  • the Chamber of Industry and Commerce for vocational training in non-craft trades (e.B occupations from the fields of industry, trade, banking, insurance, services and industrial-technical occupations),
  • the Chamber of Agriculture for vocational training in agricultural and rural housekeeping professions,
  • the Chamber of Lawyers, Patent Attorneys and Notaries as well as the Notary Fund for the Vocational Training of Specialists in the Administration of Justice,
  • the Chamber of Auditors and the Chamber of Tax Consultants for the vocational training of specialist employees in the field of auditing and tax consulting,
  • the Chamber of Physicians, Dentists, Veterinarians and Pharmacists for the vocational training of specialists in the field of health professions.
  • Form: Registration for the trainer aptitude test
  • Online procedure: Online registration partly possible
  • Personal appearance necessary: yes, for examination
  • Written form requirement: no

You register for the examination in accordance with the specifications of the respective competent authority.

  • You will receive an invitation to the exam. The invitation is valid as a confirmation of admission.
  • A late registration for the examination is usually associated with an additional administrative surcharge within the scope of the fee tariff.
  • On the day of the exam, you must identify yourself by means of the invitation and an identity document.
  • As a rule, the practical part of the exam is taken after the written part of the exam.
  • After passing the overall examination, you will receive a certificate.

Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce

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