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Provide information for over-indebtedness statistics


The Federal Statistical Office (StBA) continuously collects and analyses data on the topics of income, consumption and living conditions of private households with the aim of drawing a picture of the different living conditions in Germany. These statistics serve, among other things, as a basis for political action.

In this context, the Federal Statistical Office annually collects the over-indebtedness statistics. It reports on the situation of over-indebted persons and persons threatened by over-indebtedness in Germany. For example, she asks about triggers of financial distress. The aim of the survey is to understand how over-indebtedness of private individuals can be avoided or dissolved.

For this survey, the Federal Statistical Office relies on data from debt or insolvency counselling centres. Respondents are bodies in Germany that are sponsored by welfare and consumer associations as well as municipal associations and other corporations under public law or that are recognized as non-profit organizations or registered as an association.

The transmission of your institution's anonymised data for over-indebtedness statistics is voluntary. Before you transmit the data to the Federal Statistical Office, you need the consent of the person seeking advice, which is shown in the statistical data.

The data transmission works via software with an interface, which automatically extracts the data from your software systems and transmits it to the Federal Statistical Office.

For the transmission of personal data of those seeking advice, you must obtain their consent to the data transfer.

You do not need to submit any further documents.

There are no costs for you.

Your data must be transmitted to the Federal Statistical Office by 15 February of the calendar year following the reference year at the latest.

Please contact the Federal Statistical Office.

Forms: none

Online procedure possible: yes

Written form required: no

Personal appearance required: no

If the Federal Statistical Office requests data from you for over-indebtedness statistics, you can submit them via the online reporting procedure eSTATISTIK.CORE. Software with an interface to official statistics transmits the relevant data from your software systems directly and automatically to the Federal Statistical Office.

  • You don't have a counselling centre number (ID number) yet? Then send it by e-mail to the Federal Statistical Office.
  • For data transmission: Log in to the survey portal of the statistical offices of the Federation and the Länder. Follow the respective instructions to use eSTATISTIK.CORE.
    • You haven't registered yet? Then you need to do this first. Go to the online registration form on the website and fill it out. In a few days, an identifier and password will be sent to you by post.
  • If your data is in DatML/RAW format, data acquisition and data transmission is automated. The software with interface to official statistics automatically selects the required data from your database.
    • If your data is not in DatML/RAW format, you can import a CSV file into eSTATISTIK.CORE and create a datML/RAW file there.
  • After selection, the data is automatically transmitted in encrypted form to the Federal Statistical Office.
  • You will receive a message about the successful data transmission in your mailbox on eSTATISTIK.CORE.

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