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Apply for recognition as a specialist veterinarian with a professional qualification from third countries


The qualification as a specialist veterinarian must be recognised in Germany. This means that you need recognition if you want to use the title "specialist veterinarian" for your specialization in the selected federal state.

With your training as a specialist veterinarian, you have acquired a medical specialization in addition to your qualification as a veterinarian abroad. To work as a veterinarian in Germany, you first need a license to practice medicine or a professional permit. In order to be able to work as a specialist veterinarian in Germany, you must also apply for recognition of your further training as a specialist veterinarian. This allows you to use the designation "specialist veterinarian" in your respective specialization.

Note: You may only use the designation for your specialization if there is also a corresponding continuing education designation in Germany.

The permit is granted by the competent State Chamber of Veterinarians after checking your documents and requirements.

  • You must already have a state professional license (Approbation) as a veterinarian valid in Germany or a professional license.
  • You must prove the equivalence of your professional qualification as a specialist veterinarian.

Per quarter of an hour or part thereof: EUR 15.00

There is no deadline.

  • Contradiction
  • Further information on how to file an objection can be found in the notification of your application
  • Action before the Administrative Court

Chamber of Veterinarians Saxony-Anhalt

Forms available: No

Applications must be submitted in writing and in German. Personal appearance can be arranged.

Before you submit the application, you must already have a license to practice veterinary medicine or a professional license in Germany.

You can apply for recognition of your continuing education title as a specialist veterinarian at the responsible Chamber of Veterinarians:

  • First, you submit your application and the required documents to the Veterinary Association of the state in which you want to work.
  • If necessary, you will be asked to submit missing documents.
  • The competent authority will check whether your professional qualification is equivalent. The professional qualification is equivalent if there are no significant differences between your foreign professional qualification and the German professional qualification.
  • If your qualification as a specialist veterinarian is recognised, you can use the specialist title in Germany. You will receive a notification.

If significant differences are found, the equivalence of your qualification as a specialist veterinarian will not be certified:

  • You will receive a justification.
  • You can make a compensatory measure to prove the lack of knowledge.
  • If you successfully complete the compensatory measure, you will receive recognition. You may then use the designation "specialist veterinarian" for your specialization

You can take legal action against the decision of the competent authority within a certain period of time (e.g. file an objection). The decision will then be reviewed. Details can be found in the information on legal remedies at the end of your decision. We recommend that you first talk to the competent authority before taking legal action against the decision.

Ministry of Economic Affairs, Tourism, Agriculture and Forestry Saxony-Anhalt

Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training

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