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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Reverse adoption by children over 14.


In principle, the child and the legal representatives (usually mother and father) must agree to an adoption.

If the children are younger than 14 years old, only the legal representatives can agree (usually mother and father).

If the child is older than 14, the child must also consent to the adoption.

If a court has not yet ruled on the adoption, a child who is 14 or older can revoke the adoption. This is called a revocation of consent to the adoption.

This revocation is also possible if the legal representative has consented to the adoption and the child has later turned 14. However, this is only possible if the adoption has not yet been finalized (i.e. no court has yet ruled on the adoption).

The child can revoke the adoption on its own. It does not need permission to do so. Why the child wants to revoke the adoption does not matter.
A form is required for the revocation. The revocation must be "publicly certified". The child can do this at a youth welfare office or at a notary's office.
At the youth welfare office, the certification does not cost any money. In a notary's office, the certification costs money.

  • The legal guardianship or the child himself/herself, who is at least 14 years old, has previously consented to the adoption in the prescribed form.
  • The child is at least 14 years old and has legal capacity.
  • A court has not yet ruled on the adoption.

Youth Welfare Office

  • An appointment should be made before the notarization.
  • Before notarization, the legal consequences must be explained to the child. This is explained by the youth welfare office or the notary.
  • The revocation is publicly notarized
  • The document is sent to the family court.
  • The revocation of consent becomes effective as soon as the deed is received by the family court.
  • If the deed is received by the family court before it has made a final decision on the adoption, the adoption can no longer take place.

Senator for Social Affairs, Youth, Integration and Sport, Bremen

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