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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Apply for a copy of a land register


The land register is used for legal transactions with real estate. In particular, the ownership structure and the private law encumbrances of the land such as rights of way, mortgages, land or pension debts are entered in the land registers.

Anyone who demonstrates a legitimate interest can view the land register or request copies of it. In cases of doubt, the competent land registry office will require you to credibly demonstrate or prove the legitimate interest.

In addition, you can apply in writing for an entry in the land register. This is always necessary if, for example, you want to transfer ownership of a property, i.e. buy or sell a plot of land or order a lien on your property.

Requirements for registration are:

  • written request,
  • Registration permit,
  • You are the owner of the property,
  • the pre-registration of the person whose right is affected by the registration,
  • compliance with special formal requirements, i.e. registration authorisation or other declarations required for registration, must be proven by public or publicly certified documents
  • Passport or identity card
  • if you are not the owner: documents from which the legitimate interest in inspection arises

No fees are charged for viewing the land register.
For copies from the land register, fees are charged in accordance with the cost regulations. Information about the fee amount can be obtained from the land registry office responsible for you.
Fees are charged for entries in the land register. The fee amount depends on the respective business value.

You must contact the land registry office of the local district court responsible for you.

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Amtsgericht Halle (Saale)
Thüringer Straße 16
06112 Halle (Saale), Stadt
06095 Halle (Saale), Stadt
0345 2200
0345 2205030

Remark: It is not permissible to bring a legally effective action before a court, a public prosecutor's office or any other judicial authority of the state of Saxony-Anhalt by e-mail, to file applications, to lodge an appeal or to make other procedural declarations. In particular, no deadline is met! The delivery method by e-mail is therefore only suitable for non-form-bound messages. Further information on e-mail traffic and electronic legal transactions can be found under https://lsaurl.de/justizemail. The court's privacy policy can be found at https://lsaurl.de/aghaldsgvo.

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