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Apply for recognition as a testing body for pipeline systems


Anyone wishing to operate a testing laboratory for pipeline installations must meet the requirements of Section 6 (2) of the Pipeline Ordinance and apply to the competent authority for recognition of the inspection body.

The testing body can choose from a

  • expert organization, or
  • monitoring body approved under other legislation.

The recognition is valid for the entire federal territory. Equivalent recognitions from other EU/EEA countries are equivalent to recognitions in Germany.

The organizational and technical requirements according to § 6 paragraph 2 of the Pipeline Ordinance and Annex L of the Technical Rule for Pipelines must be fulfilled and proven.

In particular, the verifier shall:

  • be independent (this applies in particular to the staff responsible for managing and conducting the audits)
  • on the information necessary for the adequate and independent performance of the task,
    • Structures
    • at least 5 employees (experts) and
    • have the necessary means and equipment for the inspection of pipelines
  • demonstrate sufficient expertise, experience and reliability of the commissioned personnel and the possibility of further professional training
  • collect and evaluate the knowledge gained during the audits and regularly pass them on internally and to other testing bodies
  • have adequate and effective quality assurance with regular auditing
  • Proof of a quality management system (QM documents related to Annex L of the TRFL)
  • Existing accreditations and recognitions
  • Evidence of the independence of the verifier
  • Proof of the availability of the information required for the independent performance of the tasks
    • required organizational structures
    • required employees (list of employees with assigned test areas according to §5 RohrFLtgV and Annex B to the TRFL)
  • Means and equipment necessary for the inspection of pipeline installations
  • Proof of expertise, experience and reliability of the assigned personnel:
    • Curriculums
    • Proof of professional qualifications
    • Proof of activity
  • for proof of personal independence and reliability:
    • if you are resident in Germany: certificate of good conduct (document type O)
    • in the case of residence abroad: documents from the applicant's home country proving that he or she meets the requirement of personal reliability for the performance of the desired service
    • Declaration of Independence and Reliability (appropriate forms can be requested from the Recognition Authority)
  • Proof of the existence of quality assurance
  • Proof of the conclusion of a liability insurance with a sum insured of at least 2,500,000.00 euros
  • Declaration of exemption (a corresponding form can be requested from the recognition authority)

Recognition must have taken place before the start of the testing activities.

Testing bodies from other EU/EEA countries must prove the equivalence of recognition before commencing testing activities.

Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety

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