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File a complaint about advertising


Be it on television, in magazines or on billboards – advertising is part of everyday life. However, advertising motifs and spots do not always comply with the limits applicable to advertising. If you see a motif that you consider discriminatory or harmful to young people, you can complain about it to the German Advertising Council, which was founded by the Central Association of the German Advertising Industry.

  • criticized advertising motif or a short description of it

Contact the German Advertising Council.

If you have seen such a motif, you can contact the German Advertising Council in writing or by e-mail. In order for your complaint to be examined, you must send the criticized advertising motif or a description of it and justify why you consider the motif to be discriminatory or harmful to minors.

The Advertising Council will consider your complaint. If he agrees to this, the advertising council turns to the company that advertises with the motif. If the company does not withdraw the motif, the advertising council can issue a reprimand and publish it.

Note: A complaint issued by the German Advertising Council is not associated with further sanctions (e.g. fine), but is considered to damage the company's image.

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