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Request modification of vehicle data


Changes to technical vehicle data for motor vehicles and/or trailers must be recorded in the vehicle documents.

special notes for kreisfreie Stadt Halle (Saale), Stadt

Processing is immediate.

The application can be made personally by the vehicle owner or by an authorized third party (see form under applications/forms).

Authorised third parties must submit an identity document of the vehicle owner (copy) and an own identity document (original) for the application.

The granting of sub-powers of attorney by the power of attorney holder must be demonstrably approved by the person giving the power of attorney.

You have the opportunity to make an appointment for your request online .

Responsible is the vehicle registration authority of your district or your independent city (main residence). The application can be made by you or a person authorized by you.

  • valid identity card or passport with registration certificate from the registration authority of the place of residence
  • in the case of sole proprietorships, the business registration
  • If you do not apply for vehicle registration in person, your representative will need a power of attorney issued by you and your identity card or passport with registration certificate from the registration authority of the place of residence.
  • If applicable, excerpt from the commercial register, business registration, power of attorney of the managing director
    additional vehicle documents to be brought along:
  • Registration certificate Part II (old: vehicle registration document) or, in the case of vehicles without registration but requiring identification, the operating permit
  • Registration certificate Part I (old: vehicle registration document)
  • If necessary, cultivation acceptance
  • if applicable, in the case of retrofit systems to reduce pollutant emissions, installation certificate and type-approval of the retrofit system
  • Test report of the last main inspection (not applicable for vehicles whose first main inspection was not yet due
special notes for kreisfreie Stadt Halle (Saale), Stadt

In addition to the above documents:

  • Expert opinion (if necessary) by an officially recognised expert or examiner for motor vehicle traffic or by a motor vehicle expert or employee in accordance with number 4 of Annex VIII b of the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations

additionally upon application:

  • for associations: association, certificate of incorporation or appointment and named representative
  • for GbR: contract and appointed representative

Please note:

If a technical change to the vehicle is to be entered in the new vehicle documents (registration certificate Part I and II) and the vehicle owner personally speaks or authorises someone (see below), it must be checked whether the technical changes also affect the registration certificate Part II. If this is not necessary, Part II does not need to be submitted in such cases. When applicants who are not registered as vehicle owners and do not present a corresponding power of attorney, the registration certificate Part II must be submitted in any case - examination of the right of disposal.

Basic fee for the entry of technical changes: 26.30 euros

In individual cases, additional costs may be added to the basic fee.

special notes for kreisfreie Stadt Halle (Saale), Stadt

EUR 11.40
(without additional approval processing)

The fee can be paid in cash or by debit card at the licensing authority.

Since 1.10.2005 there are new vehicle documents, registration certificate part I (formerly vehicle registration) and registration certificate part II (formerly vehicle registration). These are uniformly designed in the European Union (EU. An exchange by the vehicle owner is not required. The existing vehicle documents will be exchanged for the new documents (Parts I and II) as soon as the registration authority issues new vehicle documents. This incurs additional costs.

The text was automatically translated based on the German content.

special notes for kreisfreie Stadt Halle (Saale), Stadt

The text was automatically translated based on the German content.

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