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Foreigners' affairs


Legal provisions for foreigners result from international agreements, the law of the European Union and from national law. In national law, the Residence Act regulates the entry, residence, gainful employment and promotion of the integration of foreigners in Germany.

The Residence Act does not contain any conclusive provisions for the residence of a foreigner in the Federal territory. Where a legal offence is not linked to a person's status as a foreigner, the general laws apply. Foreigners, like nationals, must observe the statutory commandment and prohibition norms.

Entry is only permitted if it is carried out in accordance with the Residence Act and the related legal provisions.

Integration is the right and duty of foreigners living here permanently. Integration efforts of foreigners are supported by a basic offer for integration (integration course).

Regulations in other laws remain "unaffected". The Residence Act thus sees itself as a regulation of the "general law on foreigners", which has to take a back seat to the more specific provisions. More specific regulations include.B: Freedom of Movement Act/EU, Asylum Procedure Act, Act on the Legal Status of Homeless Foreigners in the Federal Territory (HAG), Armed Forces Residence Act.

Local immigration authorities are the districts and independent cities. There you can find out about details of entry and stay.

The technical supervisory and opposition authority is the State Administration Office.

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special notes for kreisfreie Stadt Halle (Saale), Stadt

The text was automatically translated based on the German content.

Fachbereich Einreise und Aufenthalt
Am Stadion 5
06122 Halle (Saale), Stadt
  • Application for a permanent residence permit

  • Application for issuance/extension of a temporary residence permit

  • Data protection notice Aufenthaltsgestattung

  • Data protection notice Certificate of freedom of movement

  • Data protection notice Free Movement Act

  • Data protection notice redistributions

  • Data protection notice residence permit

  • Data protection notice tolerations

  • Data protection notice travel passes

  • Declaration of the person declaring the commitment before the foreigners authority/foreign representation for the submission of the declaration of commitment

  • Information sheet on the changed model of the aliens' registration office

  • Leaflet on the declaration of commitment according to § 68 Residence Act

  • Privacy Notice Visa Matters