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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Organic farming: private inspection body - approval


If you want to run a private control body for organic farming, you need a permit.

The approval is valid for the entire federal territory. Upon request, admission may be restricted to individual countries.

The admission may be provided with time limits, conditions and requirements or a reservation of revocation. Requirements can also be changed or added subsequently.

  • Accreditation according to standard EN 45011
  • a sufficient number of qualified control body personnel
  • Application of a standard control programme for each control area requested
  • procedures laid down in writing, inter alia, for the implementation of the
    • Control
    • Assessment and certification
    • Documentation of control results
    • Sanctioning
    • Risk analysis
    • Sampling and charging
  • financial, professional and personnel independence
  • sufficient insurance cover for all damage matters affected by the inspection

Application with the following documents:

  • Proof of accreditation according to standard EN 45011
  • Proof of a sufficient number of qualified control body staff
  • Evidence of standard control programmes for each area requested
  • Quality management manual with all procedural instructions
  • Proof of financial, professional and personnel independence
  • Proof of sufficient insurance cover for all damage matters affected by the inspection
  • additionally for control bodies established in another Member State of the European Union:
    • Letter of admission from the other country
    • Proof that the establishment has suitable staff and infrastructure to carry out the control tasks

There are costs. These depend on the processing effort.

Application review: maximum 3 months.
The period begins when the documents are complete.

According to the letter of admission of the Federal Office for Agriculture and Food (BLE)

to the State Institute for Agriculture and Horticulture Saxony-Anhalt (LLG)

Submit the completed application together with the required attachments.
These are then checked against the legal requirements.
Testing and approval may, depending on the request of the control body, cover some or all of the following control areas:

  • Control Area A:
    • Agricultural production
    • Agricultural production - Beekeeping
    • Agricultural production - Seaweed and aquaculture
  • Control Area B: Production of processed foods
  • Area C: Trade with third countries (imports)
  • Control Area D: Outsourcing to third parties
  • Control Area E: Manufacture of feedingstuffs

A corresponding standard control programme must be available for all areas requested. Prior to approval, the competent body carries out an on-site inspection of the business premises.
After successful completion of the examination and payment of the fees, the control body can take action nationwide or in individual federal states.

The organic inspection bodies are supervised by the control authorities responsible for organic farming in the federal states in which the respective inspection body has its headquarters.

§ 4 Organic Farming Act (ÖLG) in conjunction with Article 27 of the EC Organic BVO

no technical approval

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