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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Apply for recognition of a biosphere reserve


Biosphere reserves are large-scale, representative sections of natural and cultural landscapes, which - graded according to the influence of human activity - are divided into core zone, care zone and development zone.

In biosphere reserves, exemplary concepts for protection, care and development are to be developed and implemented together with the people living and working there. From the very beginning, biosphere reserves have been model regions for sustainable development. They are predestined to become so for dealing with the consequences of climate change. At the same time, biosphere reserves serve the research of human-environment relations, ecological environmental observation, regional development (including tourism development) and environmental education.

As one of the first two biosphere reserves in Germany, UNESCO recognized the Steckby-Lödderitzer Forst nature reserve as early as 1979. It is the cradle of today's Middle Elbe Biosphere Reserve.

The State Administration Office is responsible for the administration of the Middle Elbe Biosphere Reserve and the Karst Landscape South Harz Biosphere Reserve .

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