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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Apply for short-term license plates


With a short-term license plate you can use a vehicle
Test drive or transfer to another location. Other
Driving purposes are not permitted and can be punished.
The validity period is a maximum of 5 days from the day of
Allocation. The expiration date is on the short-term license plate on
right edge visible. After this date, the
Short-term license plate automatically its validity.

The vehicle must meet certain conditions in order to have a
To use short-term license plates:

  • there must be an EC type-approval, or
    an individual licence or
    type approval has been granted,
  • for used vehicles, a valid proof must be provided
    about a passed general inspection
    (main inspection report) and
  • it must be a motor vehicle liability insurance

If your vehicle does not have EC type-approval or
Operating permit, you may use a short-term license plate
only carry out journeys that are related to obtaining
of the required expert opinions. Then you may only go to the
the nearest assessment body in the district, which
number plate, or in the adjacent district with the
Drive short-term license plates.

If your vehicle does not have a valid general inspection or
security check, it receives a short-term license plate only for the

  • to the nearest investigating body in the admission district and back, or
  • to a nearest workshop in the registration district where the license plate was issued, or
  • to an adjacent district and back for immediate repair of detected significant or minor defects.

This does not apply to vehicles that are classified as unsafe for traffic

You, an authorised representative or an authorised recipient
Person apply for the short-term license plate at:

  • your local licensing authority, or
  • the registration authority locally responsible for the location of the vehicle.
  • Depending on the offer of the licensing authority, a form for download or an online service via the Internet is available to you.
  • Make an appointment with your local licensing authority by phone or, if possible, online.
  • Bring all the necessary documents as well as the payment sum of 10.20 EUR to your appointment.
  • Your documents will be checked directly on site.

If the test is positive, you will receive it during the
Appointment your personal short-term license plate. Mostly there are
not far from the registration offices also private dealers, where you can contact
immediately afterwards the short-term license plate on a license plate
can be printed.

Note: As an applicant who is not in Germany
is reported, you can use the short-term license plate at the
apply to the competent licensing authority if you have a
Name a person entitled to receive it.

  • You will need the vehicle for:
    • a test drive on which you can take the
    • Serviceability
      be able to determine and prove
    • a transfer trip to the
      Vehicle to another location
  • You have your own specific needs for the
    Assignment of a short-term license plate.
  • You must register the vehicle with the registration authority
    and specify the data on the vehicle
  • For the vehicle, one must:
    • EC type-approval,
    • Individual approval or
    • Have an operating permit.
  • For the vehicle, during the entire
    Validity period one:
    • valid general inspection and
    • if applicable, a safety check
      can be proven.
  • You have proof of an existing
    Motor vehicle liability insurance in the form of a
    electronic insurance confirmation (eVB) for
    Short-term license plate.

Note: If you apply for short-term license plates for several vehicles at the same time, you must provide proof of need.

  • Vehicle registration document (registration certificate Part I)
  • Certificate of Conformity (English abbreviation:
    COC) or
  • Individual approval of the vehicle in the original
  • if applicable, previous number plates
  • for used vehicles: main inspection report
  • electronic insurance confirmation (eVB)

The short-term license plate is valid for a maximum of 5 days.

Usually immediately

Forms: none
Online procedure possible: no
Written form required: yes
Personal appearance necessary: yes

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