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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Apply for a driving licence from the age of 17


If you participate in Accompanied Driving from the age of 17 (BF 17), the minimum age for obtaining the category B and BE driving licence will be reduced to 17 years.

After passing the driving licence test, BF 17 participants receive an examination certificate. You may then only drive until your 18th birthday if accompanied by a person expressly authorised to do so.

The application must be made in writing or in electronic form.

You can submit the application to the driving licence authority of your district or district-free city responsible for you. It is also possible to apply via the driving school where you complete the theoretical and practical driving training.

for applicants:

  • Minimum age 17 years
  • normal residence in the Federal Republic of Germany
  • Suitability to drive motor vehicles
  • Completion of training in driving motor vehicles
  • Successful passing of the driving licence examination
  • Knowledge of first aid

for accompanying persons:

  • Completion of the age of 30
  • Possession of driving licence category B for at least five years
  • at the time of application, no more than one point in the driving aptitude register (previously: Central Traffic Register)
  • official proof of place and day of birth (e.B. identity card or passport)
  • If applicable, current registration certificate
  • An up-to-date biometrics-compatible photograph (size 45x35mm, portrait format, frontal image). Information and examples can be found in the photo sample board (Bundesdruckerei)
  • Proof of training in first aid
  • Eye test certificate or certificate or expert opinion of an ophthalmologist, not older than two years if the application is submitted

The fees are based on the fee schedule for measures in road transport (RFees).

An application is admissible at the earliest six months before the age of 17.

  • § 6e of the Road Traffic Act (StVG)
  • § 48a of the Driving Licence Ordinance (FeV)

If a BF 17 participant drives a motor vehicle unaccompanied by a named person, the driving licence must be revoked. In addition, there is a fine, a point in the driving aptitude register, the extension of the probationary period and the arrangement of an advanced seminar.

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