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Apply for a children's travel pass


In many countries outside the European Union (EU), your child needs a children's passport upon entry. You must apply for the children's travel pass.

From the age of 12, children - depending on the destination - need a passport. In some countries (for example, the USA), visa-free entry can only be done with an electronic passport. If you want to enter with a children's passport, you will also need a visa in these cases.

You apply for the children's travel pass in the citizens' office to your place of residence, in the case of several residences in the citizens' office at your main residence. You can also apply for the children's travel pass at any other citizens' office. In this case, you will have to pay a supplement.

Citizen's office of your place of residence

The requirements for applying for a children's passport are:

  • Your child is a German citizen.

  • Your child must be younger than 12 years old.

For the application you need the following documents:

  • old children's card, children's pass or children's travel pass (if available)

  • current civil status certificate (for example, birth certificate of the child in the original)

  • identity cards or passports of parents or guardians,

  • if only one custodian can appear in person:

    • declaration of consent and copy of the identity card of the absent custodian,

    • proof of custody in the case of only one person entitled to custody,

  • a current photo in passport format (45 x 35 mm), portrait format, frontal image without edge, without headgear and without covering the eyes (biometrically suitable photo).

Your child must be present for the purpose of identity verification when applying for the children's travel pass. If it cannot be there, the identity check must be carried out when the document is issued, otherwise the children's passport will not be handed over.

The fee for applying for a children's passport is EUR 13.00.

The extension or update of the children's passport costs EUR 6.00.

The fee is doubled if:

  • the exhibition must be carried out outside the official working hours, or

  • the issue is not applied for at the local passport authority (municipality of the main residence).

A children's passport is valid for 1 year.

Children's passports can be extended by 1 year.

Children's passports can be issued or renewed immediately if all the requirements are met.

The children's passport does not contain an electronic storage medium (chip). However, some countries – e.B. the USA – can only be entered visa-free if the passport contains a chip; for a visa-free entry of the child, a normal passport is required in these countries.

If the entry is to take place with a children's passport, a visa is also required.

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