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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Apply for a passport for frequent travellers


In many countries outside the European Union (EU), you will need a passport upon entry. You must apply for your passport in person.

For frequent travelers, a passport with 48 pages can be issued.

You must apply for the passport in person. The application is completed on site with the processor. All you have to do is sign. For the application, the submission of fingerprints is legally mandatory (flat imprint of the left and right index finger).

The passport is sent by the passport producer to the applicant citizens' office after production. You can then pick up the passport there.

The responsibility lies with the municipality and the city in which the main residence is.

The requirements for applying for a passport are

  • You are a German citizen.
  • There must be no grounds for refusal, such as the assumption that you want to evade criminal prosecution, execution of a sentence or a statutory maintenance obligation by leaving the country.

Requirements for applying for a temporary passport:

  • The temporary passport can be issued and handed over immediately if the regular passport cannot be completed in time before the start of the trip, even in the express procedure. The Bürgeramt may require appropriate proof, such as airline tickets or other travel documents.

The period of validity of the temporary passport is adapted to the purpose of the trip and may not exceed one year. The temporary passport does not contain any electronic storage medium (chip).

  • To apply for a passport, you need the following documents:

  • a valid identity card (passport, identity card, children's ID card, children's passport),
  • a current photo in passport format (45 x 35 mm), portrait format, frontal shot without edge, without headgear and without covering the eyes (biometric photo),
  • Your previous passport,
  • current civil status certificate (e.g. birth certificate in the original),
  • when applying for a child :
    • Identification of the custodian present,
    • the declaration of consent and a copy of the identity card of the non-present guardian,
    • proof of custody in the case of only one legal guardian.
  • When first issuing or moving to a municipality, further documents such as civil status certificates or nationality certificates may be required. Please inform yourself in advance at the responsible office.

If you are under 24 years of age

  • EUR 59.50
  • express: EUR 91,50

If you are 24 years of age or older

  • EUR 82.00
  • express: EUR 114,00

Period of Validity: 6 Years
for applicants under the age of 24

Period of Validity: 10 Years
for applicants over 24 years of age

Processing Time: 4 Weeks

There are no application forms. You apply for the passport informally.

You must be present in person when applying for your passport so that your identity can be verified. If you cannot be present in person, only a temporary passport can be issued. The identity check must then be carried out when the document is issued, otherwise the temporary passport will not be handed over.

The temporary passport does not contain an electronic storage medium (chip).

In some countries, such as the United States, a normal, electronic passport is required for visa-free entry.

If entry into these countries is to take place with a temporary passport, a visa is also required.

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