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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Applying for a permit for the import and export of goods


When importing goods into other countries, it is sometimes necessary that you have to present certifications and certificates with the commercial documents. These depend on country-specific characteristics and EC regulations. In some countries, goods must be accompanied by a certificate of origin and/or a certified commercial invoice and, if necessary, other certificates.

Upon request, your Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) will issue certificates of origin, confirm trade documents and issue other certificates for foreign trade. The Chamber of Industry and Commerce is also responsible for issuing the ATA carnet (customs pass booklet). Furthermore, the IHK answers the question of whether and, if so, which documents are required when importing goods into a third country.
The requirements for issuing a certificate are:

  • The registered office or domicile of the applicant is located in the IHK district and the document is used for foreign trade (local and material responsibility).
  • The formal requirements are fulfilled (indication of the recipient, possibly compulsory form).
  • The intended use is recognizable or is made credible (according to import regulations of the state, requirement of the business partner).
  • The signatures of the company's eligible applicants are deposited with the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (signature list).
  • For each certificate, an additional copy of the documents must be submitted, which remains with the IHK.  

Contact the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) in whose district your company is located.

The application can be made in person, by post or electronically. Required are:

  • the document to be certified,
  • identity card or passport,
  • Extract from the register of trade, cooperatives or associations,
  • Extract from the Central Trade Register ,
  • possibly proof of public status.

For the certification of foreign trade documents, a fee is charged according to the currently applicable fee tariff. Your Chamber of Industry and Commerce will inform you about the respective costs.

Applications/forms for export, import, customs, carnet, single administrative documents, European Community, reference books/software, supplier's declaration, certificates of origin, movement certificate, export refund, forwarding and other forms can be requested from the competent Chamber of Commerce and Industry or are available for download on the relevant websites.

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