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citizen service


You enter your place of residence or the place where you want to contact the administration or use the location sensing.


In the second step, you choose which information you really need.

Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Business in need of monitoring


Certain trades were classified by the legislator as requiring monitoring.

Businesses in need of monitoring are:

  • purchase and sale of high-quality consumer goods, in particular consumer electronics, computers, optical products, cameras, video cameras, carpets,
  • fur and leather clothing,
  • motor vehicles and bicycles,
  • precious metals and alloys containing precious metals and articles of precious metal or alloys containing precious metals,
  • precious stones, pearls and jewellery,
  • scrap metals,
  • by undertakings specialising in the trade in second-hand goods,
  • Provision of information about financial circumstances and personal matters (credit agencies, detective agencies), mediation of marriages, partnerships and acquaintances,
  • operation of travel agencies and arranging accommodation,
  • distribution and installation of building security equipment, including locksmith services,
  • Manufacture and distribution of special theft-related opening tools
  • Certificate of good conduct (document type 0, for submission to authorities),
  • Information from the Central Trade Register (document type 9, for submission to authorities).

The text was automatically translated based on the German content.

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