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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Apply for approval of sales events


In particular, weekly, annual or special markets are seen as events.

A weekly market is an event that

  • regularly returns,
  • is limited in time,
  • on which a large number of suppliers offer, for example, food and raw natural products.

A special market is

  • regularly recurring at longer intervals,
  • Temporary
  • an event where certain goods are offered.

Fairs are

  • regularly recurring at longer intervals,
  • Temporary
  • Events where goods of all kinds are offered.

If you as an organizer want to offer a weekly, yearly or special market, you can apply for a determination at the competent authority. The determination has the effect that you as the organizer are released from some commercial obligations (for example, travel tissue card, compliance with shop closing times). Organizers are natural and legal persons. Cities also often act as organizers, mainly at weekly markets. If your market takes place in public spaces, a special use permit is required. During the application procedure, the competent authority shall check your reliability.

Once you have submitted the application and all documents are complete, the competent authority will check whether you meet all the requirements for granting the requested determination of an event.

If you meet all the requirements, the determination is made.

For the determination of weekly markets, special markets and fairs, contact the municipality or city of the venue.

For the determination of trade fairs, exhibitions and wholesale markets, please contact the district or the district-free city.

  • personal reliability and the reliability of the persons entrusted with the management of the event
  • Ensuring protection against risks to life and health for participants
  • There must be no threat to public safety and order as a result of the event.
  • Certificate of good conduct for submission to an authority (document type 0)
  • Excerpt from the Central Trade Register for submission to an authority (document type 9)
  • Certificate in tax matters from the tax office of the place where you have lived or operated a business in the last 3 years
  • Negative certificate from the insolvency court of the local courts in whose district you had a domicile or a commercial establishment in the last 3 years

If the event takes place in public space:

  • Special use permit

Information that the informal application must contain:

  • Event date
  • Place
  • Opening hours, e.g. Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  • Event name, e.g. spring market
  • Map with stalls, access roads from a bird's eye view
  • Preliminary list of participants with goods offered by the participants
  • Blank contract concluded between organisers and dealers

The amount of the fee depends on the administrative burden.

You must submit the application and all supporting documents in good time before the start of the event.

Written form required: no

In principle, anyone is allowed to participate in a trade fair, exhibition or market. As an organizer, however, you can limit the event to certain groups of providers or visitors or exclude individual interested parties for objectively justified reasons. However, the selection among the candidates must be made according to objective, verifiable selection criteria. This includes criteria such as attractiveness, balance, versatility and novelty of the business operated by the applicant.

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Ministry of Economic Affairs, Science and Digitalization of the State of Saxony-Anhalt

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