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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Applying for approvals of establishments for intra-Community marketing under the Internal Market Animal Disease Protection Regulation


Participation in intra-Community trade requires the approval of establishments in accordance with the Internal Market Animal Disease Protection Ordinance (BmTierSSchV).


According to § 15 of the BmTierSSchV, monkeys and semi-apes, productive and breeding poultry as well as a large number of animal products (e.B semen, embryos and ova) may only be moved to other Member States if the animals or products come from an approved holding.

The following establishments or bodies also require an appropriate authorisation for intra-Community movement:

  • Livestock trading companies
  • Dealer stables
  • Livestock collection points
  • Zoos, wildlife parks and other facilities with animal husbandry for scientific or experimental purposes or for the conservation of animal species or breeds

The procedure:

After receipt and examination of the required documents, a joint company tour takes place in consultation with the company.

On the basis of the documents and evidence submitted and the on-site inspection carried out, approval shall be granted by the competent authority if the conditions are met.

In this case, the holding or establishment shall be given a veterinary approval number. The approval is published in the Federal Gazette.

Landesverwaltungsamt - Referat Verbraucherschutz, Veterinärangelegenheiten

Written application by the operator for approval of the facility

For the approval of the facility, the documents and evidence are required showing that the respective establishment meets the requirements listed in the BmTierSSchV:

  • Extract from the commercial register (for companies, companies)
  • Name of the permanent establishment with registration number according to the Livestock Traffic Ordinance
  • Property register extract (map)
  • Operating floor plan
  • Operating description
  • Company hygiene program
  • Vaccination schedule
  • Occupational health control programme
  • Proof of the veterinarian authorised to take over official duties
  • Model animal health and loss register
  • Evidence of the absence of certain pathogens
  • Protocols of checks carried out by the veterinary office responsible for surveillance
  • Records of occupational health surveillance
  • Information on pest control, water supply, sewage disposal and animal carcass disposal
  • Accident concept
  • if applicable, further documents

Please ask the competent authority for the information and documents to be submitted. These vary depending on the individual case.

Permission is subject to a fee. The fees are determined according to the respective cost or fee schedule.

Official approval must be granted before the start of the activity.

Applications for grant or authorisation may be addressed to the competent authority without specific formal requirements.

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