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Applying for permission to hire out workers


Temporary employment is also referred to as temporary or temporary work. For this you need a permit. To receive these, you must submit an application to the responsible employment agency.

The permit is granted by the Employment Agency for a limited period of one year. It can be granted indefinitely if you have been allowed to work for 3 consecutive years.

In the case of temporary employment, you must ensure, among other things, that

  • the principle of equality and relevant collective agreements are correctly applied,
  • the maximum period of leasing is complied with,
  • temporary agency workers are correctly classified in terms of remuneration and according to the activity actually carried out,
  • The applicable minimum wages and reimbursement of expenses are paid and the regulations of the Part-Time and Fixed-Term Employment Act are complied with,
  • Remuneration and compensation benefits as well as holidays or holiday compensation are correctly granted (even during periods of non-use),
  • Payroll tax and contributions to all branches of social security are paid correctly.

Through tax audits, the Employment Agency regularly monitors whether you comply with the provisions of the Temporary Employment Act.

You can apply for a permit to hire out workers in writing to the Employment Agency:

  • Download the form "Application for permission to provide temporary employment (AÜG 2a)" from the website of the Employment Agency.
  • Fill out the form.
  • Print out the form and add the necessary documents and proofs.
  • Submit the application documents to the responsible employment agency. You can find out which employment agency is responsible for you in the application form. There you will also find the postal addresses of the competent departments to which you must send the form.
  • The Employment Agency will examine your application. If necessary, you will be asked to submit additional or missing documents.
  • You will then receive permission or a rejection of your application by post.
  • You will also be asked by post to pay the applicable fee.

Depending on the registered office of your company, the employment agency in Düsseldorf, Kiel or Nuremberg is responsible for you. You can find out which department is responsible for your federal state or state in the application for permission to provide temporary employment (AÜG 2a). There you will also find telephone numbers and e-mail addresses to the services.

  • You have the reliability required by trade law.
  • In your case, there are no reasons that speak against a permit. These can be, for example, relevant criminal records, violations of social security law regulations or labour law obligations.
  • Temporary employment takes place from a company, part of a business or an ancillary business that is located in Germany or in another country of the European Union or the European Economic Area.
  • Application for a permit for temporary employment (AÜG 2a)
  • Copy of the current extract from the commercial register
  • Copy of the articles of association
  • Copy of the business registration
  • Information on construction operation (AÜG 2c)
  • Proof of application for a certificate of good conduct (document type O)
  • Information from the Central Trade Register (GZR 3 / GZR 4)
  • Certificate from the employers' liability insurance association
  • Certificate from the health insurance company
  • Statements of all business accounts
  • Model of an employment contract for temporary agency workers
  • Model of a temporary employment contract

There is no deadline for the initial application. It is recommended to submit the initial application at least 3 months before the planned start of activity.

You must submit the application for renewal of a permit at least 3 months before the expiry of the permit.

Objection Deadline: 1 Month

Processing Time: 0 - 3 Months

Forms available: Yes
Written form required: Yes
Informal application possible: No
Personal appearance necessary: No
Online services available: No

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Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS)

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