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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Apply for permission for the professional title "Podiatrist"


When working as a podiatrist, a distinction is made between cosmetic and medical foot care. Cosmetic foot care (on a healthy foot) can be practiced without a permit, but must be registered with the trade office. Medical pedicure or podiatry has been classified by law as a health profession and thus requires permission. It includes treatment on the healthy, damaged and/or already damaged foot.

If you want to use the professional title podiatrist or medical podiatrist, you need either the permit or the authorization or state recognition according to the Podiatrist Act (PodG). Exceptions and special case groups are also regulated by law.

Permission shall be granted, upon request, if the applicant:

  • has completed the prescribed training and passed the state examination,
  • has not been guilty of any conduct which results in unreliability for the exercise of the profession,
  • is suitable for practising the profession from a health point of view, and
  • has the necessary knowledge of the German language for the exercise of the professional activity.

According to the Podiatrist Act, recognition of foreign qualifications is possible if the level of training is equivalence. Specific recognition guidelines apply to the recognition of qualifications obtained in the MEMBER States of the EU. The job title may also be used if the applicant

  • provides proof that the training as a podiatrist has already been recognised in another Contracting State of the European Economic Area,
  • has three years of professional experience in podiatry in the Member State which has recognised the evidence of formal qualifications, and
  • the Member State which has recognised the training certifies that professional experience.  

State Administration Office

The documents that must be attached to the application for the professional title of podiatrist or medical podiatrist include:

  • Certified copy of the degree certificate
  • official certificate of good conduct for presentation to an authority (not older than 3 months),
  • medical health certificate (physical and psychological aptitude for practicing the profession) in the original (not older than 3 months).

If you would like to pursue the vocational training acquired abroad in Germany under the professional title of podiatrist, the following documents are required in particular for the application:

  • personal application,
  • signed CURRICULUM VITAE with school and vocational training,
  • Birth certificate/marriage certificate in certified copy,
  • Declaration that you have not yet submitted the application to any other German authority,
  • Certificate of completion of your education in your home country (certified photocopy of the original and certified German translation),
  • Proof of practical activity in the respective profession (certified photocopy of the originals and certified German translation),
  • Registration certificate/admission certificate or residence and work permit,
  • Registration certificate of your official place of residence,
  • proof that you have a spoken and written command of the German language.

For the approval of the professional title, an administrative fee is charged in accordance with the legal regulations of the state. In addition, there may be the postal delivery fee.

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