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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Apply for registration as a limited partnership in the commercial register


If you set up a limited partnership (KG), you are obliged to register it for entry in the commercial register. It is only through registration that the KG is created and has full legal capacity. The registration of a KG that already operates a commercial business, on the other hand, is only a legal statement, since the company already exists before registration.

There must be a memorandum of association.

The registration of a limited partnership must contain:

  • the surnames, first names, dates of birth and places of residence of all shareholders
  • the name of the company and the place where it has its registered office, as well as the domestic business address
  • the power of representation of the shareholders
  • all limited partners, as well as the amount of the contribution of each of them

The application must specify the location of the business premises that deviates from the domestic business address and the object of the company, insofar as this does not result from the company name.

The fees for entry in the commercial register depend on the registration effort.

The jurisdiction lies with the district court of Stendal as the central register court.


To apply, contact a notary.

  • The notary advises on the formulation of the application.
  • The registration takes place exclusively electronically, for this purpose a publicly certified document is created.
  • The declaration is provided with an electronic signature (within the meaning of § 39a Beurkundungsgesetz/BeurkG) and sent to the electronic court and administrative mailbox of the registration court.


Relevant information about your company, such as the registered office, the legal form or the authorized representatives, has changed? Then please have the commercial register entry corrected immediately.

In the same way, registration is carried out exclusively by a notary.

There are often a few weeks between the drafting of the articles of association and the entry in the commercial register. Therefore, before registering, check the articles of association again to ensure that they are up-to-date.

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