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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Apply for registration of limited partnership on shares in the commercial register


Only through entry in the commercial register does the partnership limited by shares (KGaA) become a legal person. Since the KGaA is one of the corporations, it is entered in Department B of the Commercial Register.


To apply, please contact a notary.

  • The notary advises on the formulation of the application.
  • The registration takes place exclusively by electronic means, for this purpose a publicly certified document is created.
  • The declaration is provided with an electronic signature (within the meaning of § 39a Beurkundungsgesetz/BeurkG) and sent to the electronic court and administrative mailbox of the register court.


Relevant information about your company, such as the company headquarters, the legal form or the authorized representatives, has changed? Then please have the commercial register entry corrected immediately.

Registration is carried out in the same way exclusively by a notary.

Jurisdiction lies with the District Court of Stendal as the central register court.

The following information is required:

  • domestic business address
  • Nature and scope of the power of representation of the general partners
  • Registration
  • Certificate of incorporation with statutes
  • Certificate of appointment of the Supervisory Board
  • List of members of the Supervisory Board, stating the surname, first name, profession and place of residence of the members
  • Proof that the amount paid in is finally at the free disposal of the personally liable partners (bank confirmation)
  • Founding Report
  • Audit reports of the general partners and the members of the Supervisory Board as well as the founding auditors together with their documentary documents
  • in the case of Sections 26 or 27 of the German Stock Corporation Act (AktG), the contracts on which the determinations are based or have been concluded for their execution as well as a calculation of the foundation expenses attributable to the company
  • Certificate of approval if the object of the company or another provision of the articles of association requires state approval

In individual cases, further documents may be required.

The amount of the fee for registration is determined by the Court and Notary Costs Act in conjunction with the Ordinance on Fees in Commercial, Partnership and Cooperative Register Matters. In addition, expenses for the public publication of the registration are incurred.

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