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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Apply for an extended certificate of good conduct


If you are or are to work professionally, voluntarily or in any other way close to children and young people, you need an extended certificate of good conduct.
The extended certificate of good conduct is intended to prevent the employment of applicants with relevant criminal records in sensitive areas. These include, for example, activities as

  • Educator,
  • Teacher,
  • School bus driver,
  • lifeguard or lifeguard,
  • Sports coach.

The extended certificate of good conduct includes convictions that are not included in the normal certificate of good conduct, e.g. because they were not sentenced with a fine of more than 90 daily rates. The extension applies only to sexual offences and to child- and youth-related offences such as "mistreatment of wards" or "violation of the duty of care or education".

You must submit the application in person to the competent authority. The application can also be made by a legal representative (e.g. the parents for minors). The authorization of another person is not possible.

The responsibility lies with the municipality and the city.

  • the grant is provided for in statutory provisions with reference to this provision, or
  • the certificate of good conduct is required for

o the examination of personal suitability according to § 72a Social Code - Eighth Book (SGB VIII),
o any other professional or voluntary supervision, care, education or training of minors, or
o an activity that is similarly suitable for establishing contact with minors.

  • Written request from the body requesting the extended certificate of good conduct
  • Identity card or passport to prove identity

Fee: 13,00 EUR
Payment in advance: No

Processing Time: 14 Days

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