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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Apply for exemption from identification



  • for whom a supervisor has been appointed or who are represented by a person with a publicly certified power of attorney,
  • who are likely to be permanently accommodated in a hospital, nursing home or similar establishment, or
  • cannot move alone in public because of a permanent disability,

may be exempted from the obligation to hold a valid identity card upon request.

  • previous identity card or passport
  • Original birth or marriage certificate
  • for persons for whom a supervisor has been appointed: the original certificate of appointment or the decision of the local court
  • for persons who are incapable of acting or consenting: the original publicly certified power of attorney

The exemption from the identification requirement is free of charge.

The exemption from the ID requirement should be requested before the existing identity card or passport becomes invalid.

If the documents are complete, the application will be processed at short notice.

Please contact the identity card authority of your municipality, unitary municipality or independent city in which the residence/main residence is located.

  • The application can be made by the supervisor, the authorized representative or by the person required to identify himself.
  • The card holder receives a certificate stating that he/she is exempt from the ID requirement.
  • In principle, the certificate is issued for an unlimited period and without a photograph and contains all data (except eye colour and height) that would have been entered in the identity card.
  • A trip abroad cannot be carried out with this certificate.
  • If bank powers of attorney still need to be granted or notarial legal transactions (e.g. wills or real estate matters) need to be clarified, it is recommended to apply for a new identity card.

Ministry of the Interior Saxony-Anhalt

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