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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Report pests/vermin


According to Section 2 No. 12 of the Infection Protection Act, rats are health pests, as they can transmit pathogens to humans. As a rule, rats occur where they find sufficient food, shelter and nesting possibilities. They transmit dangerous diseases. Feces and urine lead to odour nuisance and health hazard.

The rats usually find food and shelter where rat-attracting rubbish, such as upholstered furniture and carpet remains is deposited. All food waste is generally used as food.

If you have detected a rat infestation, the following must be observed:

In principle, the landowner, beneficial owner and other owner of land, residential and commercial premises, ships and other means of transport is obliged to detect and combat a rat infestation. They shall immediately notify the competent authority in whose area the infestation occurred.

Paragraph 17 of the Infection Protection Act requires the competent authority to take or order necessary measures to combat health pests. The fight shall include measures against the occurrence, reproduction and distribution and destruction.

Please contact the relevant health department.

The costs for the pest controller/chamber hunter shall be borne by the landowner.

In addition to schadnagern (e.g..B wandering rat, house rat and house mouse) vermin (arthropods, e.B. cockroaches, flour moths, bacon beetles) also counts as hygien pests, which contaminate food and/or buildings, destroyers of supplies and food and ultimately also technical faults.

The text was automatically translated based on the German content.

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