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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Catering permit for outdoor catering (special use)


The use of public road space which goes beyond or restricts public use is a special use. It requires the permission of the road construction load and is subject to a fee.

If you want to use public space in front of your restaurant or café for the construction of an outdoor restaurant, you must first apply for a special use permit. The authorisation shall be granted by decision to the applicant and may be subject to conditions, conditions and time limits. Whether and with what ancillary provisions the permit is granted is at the discretion of the authority.

The responsibility lies with the trade office of the respective municipality or district-free city.

  • Scale-based site plan
  • Information on the location, type and duration of the special use and the size of the road areas required

An administrative fee is charged for the issue of the special use permit in accordance with the General Fee Regulations of the Land of Saxony-Anhalt.

In addition, a special use fee may be charged for the special use itself, provided that there is a corresponding statutory basis.

The special use permit must be applied for in good time before the start of outdoor catering. The special use permit is issued for a limited period or on revocation and may at the same time receive conditions and conditions.

Applications must be made informally.

If you want to expand a catering industry to include outdoor catering, you have to report this to the trade authority. In addition, a building permit may be required from a certain number of seats or when buildings such as platforms or canopies are to be built.

If unauthorised special uses or violations of conditions under the special use permit are detected in the context of control activities, appropriate regulatory measures will be taken (e.B.g. warning, fine and penalty payment, replacement provision).

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