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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Apply for integration assistance for people with disabilities


The task of integration assistance for people with disabilities is to enable beneficiaries to lead an individual life and to promote participation in the life of society. The focus is on human dignity.

The benefits of integration assistance include, in particular:

  • medical rehabilitation services,
  • benefits for participation in working life, in particular services in the field of work of recognised workshops for disabled people,
  • benefits for participation in education, in particular assistance for compulsory schooling, school vocational training and higher education,
  • Benefits for social participation, including services for assistance for self-determined and independent coping with everyday life, curative education services for children who have not yet started school,  

Before you can take advantage of integration assistance benefits, all other benefits of the social service providers (e.B health insurance, pension insurance, employment agency, accident insurance) must first be exhausted.

An application for integration assistance must be submitted to the district or to the district-free city.

However, they can also submit the application to their municipality or a social service provider. They are obliged to forward the application to the competent authority.

You are entitled to integration assistance if you

  • have a disability only temporarily or are threatened by a disability
  • do not have sufficient income or assets
  • are not entitled to priority benefits from third parties (e.B. pension insurance).

Depending on the circumstances, you will need

  • an application,
  • proof of disability,
  • Proof of income and assets.

Further information on the required documents can be obtained from the responsible social welfare office of the district/city.

There are no fees.

The benefit is paid at the earliest from the month in which you submitted the application.

For the faster processing of applications for integration assistance, it is helpful if the presence of a disability has already been determined in advance.

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Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Integration Saxony-Anhalt

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